Social media for companies 101

Nowadays, as you can tell, we are facing the rising of the social media. It was always there, but suddenly it became important for the companies(brands) as much as end users.
In our country, we had seen the footsteps of this force when the goverment banned blogger. Nearly all of the turkish bloggers joined for an action called as sansüresansü (sansür means censorship and here i can translate the action as “ban censorship”). Against all bloggers, and their readers was a brand, a digital broadcast channel and after 3 days they step back, canceled the ban on blogger. But meanwhile, so many people canceled their agreements with this channel and everysite was mentioning about the brand, as you can guess not in a good way.

And this week, another brand came up from the other part of the world, a painkiller brand called as Motrin. They tried to describe themselves as understanding and human friendly brand, but they picked a very bad way. Nearly all network mothers and even people around the world who didn’t see the ad protested it. The ad came on air on Friday, and stopped on Sunday evening, taking the official site too.

These two brands are just examples. And every example means there is a problem needs to be solved. The problem is, you just can’t do some ads like you want anymore, or you can’t live hearing nothing from your customers anymore.

Ladies and gentlemen, as Mr.Rose said years ago, welcome to the jungle.

Once, brands were hunters, ads were spears and customers were preys.

But now, customers became the hunters, social networks became canons and brands, oh yes, they became preys.

So, what can you do? I mean, if you are a brand, or you are an employee who likes to be working in a company with good raputation.

“Start learning.”

Start using Friendfeed, Twitter, Google News Search, Google Blog Search, Twitter Search, TweetBeep, Spy and Backtype Alerts.

Welcome to real world…

~ by olcayto on November 17, 2008.

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