Apple iPhone, my favourite bite.

By the end of September, iPhones officialy launched by two main GSM operators ın Turkey. And in a second, rumors, gossips, complaints started as expected.

In the main time, for nearly 8 months we kept informed about the iPhone by forums, users and geeks. It seems like we had a new brick by Apple. Slim, stylish, hip brick.

Even I, an Apple fetish guy decided to ignore iPhone. No MMS, no video, no copy paste, no flv player, no Java, no memory card, camera just 2.0 megapixels. So many no’es for a product. It was clearly silly to have one.


Then I had mine. My GSM service provider gave me a chance, having an iPhone kindda’ “for free”.

My Appleist side couldn’t ignore, said “What the hack” and got one.

And i can say, it became like my mistress…

I can clearly say that, it was one of my best decision to have it.

Let’s take a look why the reasons of “Why you shouldn’t have an iPhone” is totally silly for me.No MMS: Oh yes, you can’t send or recieve any MMS. But you can send mail via WiFi…And you don’t have to pay for this action to your service provider, thanks to spreading WiFi services.

No FLV: Yes, its pity, but i’m so sure that its just for now. But, lets say no flv player permanently. So what? Movies? Nearly all sites -i meant, considirebla hit ones- converting their video files to m4u. And if you are using internet from your iPhone so many sites are re-designing their layouts for iPhone screens. You want to check sites loaded with flvs’? So, check them on your laptop or desktop screens, this is just a mobile device.(Which has the biggest screen display)

No bluetooth share: Thank you. No more “Hey cool pic, send me that. Nice ring tone send me that. Hey let me send you this mp3” dialogues. Only headset. Simple. Oh, you can share by WiFi with various applications, pity if you don’t have an iPhone.

No background image editing: Yes, that one hurts me too. But, it definitely increase the CPU speed and your battery life. We know this from our basic computers.

No video record: Not yet. Just not yet.Its so obvious that it will come.

No high pixel camera: Thank god no more “Shit! Why is this pic blurry!” swears. Come on, be honest. I used to have a phone with 3.2 pixels, and the weather should have been perfect (i mean PERFECT) to shoot a nice pic. Now we are sure we have to carry a nice digital camera with us.

No copy paste: Its so obvious that its “coming soon”…

No memory card: Hey people, 8 GB or 16 GB…Come on! Thank god i dont have to attach or remove a card, thinking of changing for a bigger one for an unnecessary reason.

I use all my mail accounts fluently. I use twitter and friendfeed swiftly. I can do my work on internet anywhere i want. Its so beautiful. So simple. Great collobration with iTunes and continuously coming applications.
But, to all people who hates iPhone. I assume you didn’t use any Mac before, and you don’t have any idea of adveritising.

“Only toy computers use mice” (1984), “The iPod will never sell” (2001), “No one wants a cell phone without a hard keyboard” (yesterday).

Wake up. I wrote above that iPhone is one of my best decision. Because this time, i woke up early.

When first iMac showed up, everybody gone mad. A computer with no additional wires, no FLOPPY! Are you kidding?!

When first iPod released, everybody mocked it. No fashionable buttons, no memory upgrade, NO RADIO!…Anyone remembers creative mp3 players? (In Turkey, everyman had to finish his military obligation. And in the army, every soldier was mentioning mp3s as “iPod”)

Today, we are having arguements on every tesch site, blog. The subject is iPhone. The main topic is same, “What a brick it is”…Ladies and gentleman. Please. This device has the all abilities, just didn’t opened yet. One by one, they all see the sunlight. This is just a one big brand strategy. But most importantly, Apple is doing again. Changing the consumer habbits, changing the communication criteria.

You don’t have to buy one. You don’t have to love it.

But you can not ignore it.

Know it, learn it. Understand the near future.


~ by olcayto on November 24, 2008.

One Response to “Apple iPhone, my favourite bite.”

  1. As they say “You’re gonna forget it’s a phone”.
    And this was the first “yes’ for me when I got welcome Iphone to my life, not to my hands only.

    What you’re trying to explain about the “disadvantages” or lacks of Iphone for others seemed like helpful but kinda not enough for making them awake.
    In my opinion before reading millions of paragraphs saying what Iphone has or not, one should definetely look what he/she has got in his hands.

    Here’s the deal, lets say Iphone can not send/recieve mms, right? But his phone can do it, right at the time he wants. OK. Lets say all the cell phones other than Iphone do all kinds of stuff$ calling, text messaging, web browsing, contact management, music playback, photos and videos. But how do they do all of these? The answers is so simple. They do it very badly. How?

    For me, totally by forcing you to press lots of tiny buttons, navigate diverse heterogeneous interfaces and squint at a tiny screen. Or..How many times do you think we all spend for sending an emergent e-mail, finding ourselves running out to find a computer near us.
    Tell me about the money; we’ve been searching where we can find the best phone just for being able to make our life easier, or maybe we were thinking we could use them as a camera instead of buying one.
    And please do not ever mention me about the time we’ve spent for deleting messages from our inbox only not it to make it full, because we never could get a new message after then. So you still do love your phone and you ignore getting an Iphone having hearsay only. Shall I say, goodmorning or goodbye to your knowledge?;)

    Anyways, I am not an Iphone fan, I am not addicted to it either, but i am real sick of being complainant of what we have before even trying it.

    As a result, what happened after I left my ‘lovely’ phone..Thanks to Steve Jobs, I found out where and at what century I’m living in.

    I found the one which looks good on me. The one similar to a MAC’s design with no clickwheel, no keypad with a touchscreen only. When I need to dial, it shows me a keypad, when I need other buttons, its screen just serves them up!

    I find myself “not” trying to do something and fight with my phone anymore. Attachments, sending e-mails, with just one click, having the Itunes online infront of me, HTML, jpg’s in my e-mail, millions of applications and ringtones, a real camera, voicemaills and except of all, (you’re gonna see only when you get it) a really friendly design..

    Shall I go back and get bored with all the staff I could not do, or stay with a phone which is not an only phone in itself…

    Sorry for the ones assuming that they always ‘tell’ the best but I think Apple’s still going with “doing” the best..

    Thanks for reading.

    Tugce Cengiz.

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