Addressable Ads Could Reinvigorate TV

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The article below is taken from Advertising Age. Quite inspiring one i tought, hope you’ll like it too.


Better Targeting Would Improve Efficiency, but Scale Remains a Major Hurdle

Published: November 17, 2008

NEW YORK ( — Satellite-TV firm Dish Network and ad-tech firm Invidi struck an agreement last week that involves “advanced receivers,” “targeted advertising delivery” and “dynamic commercial insertion.” Behind the tech talk is something media executives such as Group M’s Rino Scanzoni believe is nothing short of “the renaissance of the TV business.”

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Social media for companies 101

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Nowadays, as you can tell, we are facing the rising of the social media. It was always there, but suddenly it became important for the companies(brands) as much as end users.
In our country, we had seen the footsteps of this force when the goverment banned blogger. Nearly all of the turkish bloggers joined for an action called as sansüresansü (sansür means censorship and here i can translate the action as “ban censorship”). Against all bloggers, and their readers was a brand, a digital broadcast channel and after 3 days they step back, canceled the ban on blogger. But meanwhile, so many people canceled their agreements with this channel and everysite was mentioning about the brand, as you can guess not in a good way.

And this week, another brand came up from the other part of the world, a painkiller brand called as Motrin. They tried to describe themselves as understanding and human friendly brand, but they picked a very bad way. Nearly all network mothers and even people around the world who didn’t see the ad protested it. The ad came on air on Friday, and stopped on Sunday evening, taking the official site too.

These two brands are just examples. And every example means there is a problem needs to be solved. The problem is, you just can’t do some ads like you want anymore, or you can’t live hearing nothing from your customers anymore.

Ladies and gentlemen, as Mr.Rose said years ago, welcome to the jungle.

Once, brands were hunters, ads were spears and customers were preys.

But now, customers became the hunters, social networks became canons and brands, oh yes, they became preys.

So, what can you do? I mean, if you are a brand, or you are an employee who likes to be working in a company with good raputation.

“Start learning.”

Start using Friendfeed, Twitter, Google News Search, Google Blog Search, Twitter Search, TweetBeep, Spy and Backtype Alerts.

Welcome to real world…

Universal Mccann International Social Media Research Wave 3

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Very cool research and presentation for those of who does not have any clue why Social Media is the upcoming giant.

After 6527 days

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Web 2.0 summit took place in San Francisco last week. Kevin Kelly, gave a talk about, i can say ” www”-(where we’re walkin’). Its just a sum of what we had seen and what we are going to. It would be great if all marketing guys colud watch, listen and take note but, i know its fiction.

So, to those who want to meet Web 10.0, here comes Mr.Kelly.
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Stepping out the line

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“Why is this for?” asked a friend of mine asked…

“You had your blog, you shot it down for the reason of not believing in advertising mind in your country, and here comes another blog?!”

“Because things changed, and keeps changing” I said him back.

Yes, things are changing. It was obvious but it became more visible than ever.  “Community sites” came up first. Well, they tried to do something new, but couldn’t pass the “asl? Wanna sex?” line. Then, came Facebook and became very quickly the new hype of community. “Groups” came into our lives, “Pokes” and more activities. Then, they started to call themselves as “Applications”. Nearly the same time, iPhone fell in to our hands, full of applications.

But most of it, a little blue bird made a nest in our fingertips, started “tweeting”.

We tweet, tweet and friends heard, they were hungry too like us, we all needed to feed. Well, here comes the Friendfeed.

At this point, those “Wanna sex” community couldn’t resist and left the area for real internet users, knowledge sharers. It was happening just in front of our eyes, some people saw it, some ignored it. But the worst is, some couldn’t see it. And nowadays, those “some” called as advertisig people. Art directors, copywriters, agencies…Don’t get mad, its true. (At least, i dunno how it is in your country, but in mine, this is just like this).

As a result, digital agencies came into our lives, which were effective but not so creative.

Look at the picture, creative guys with no efficiency on web (ad agencies) and efficient guys with no creativity…Pity, huh?

Some digital agencies broke this chain, combined creativity and web proficiency and became the leaders, but the rest had just stayed as wannabees.

Now, the marketing criteria is changing. Brands, consumers, customer needs, everything changing. After more than 50 years, Bernbach’s heritage coming back to life, but not in the newspaper or mafazine ads, on web.

Now, the change is obvious. You have to make a choice. You can stay put in your side and became one of the “In my time, we were doing ads like these” guys, or you step out the line and embrace the future.

At least, this is what i am going to try.

For my last words, i want to share Steve Rubel’s Adage column.

As if you didn’t have enough to worry about with the slowing economy, just wait. The social web is actually heading in the opposite direction – it’s getting a lot faster. This will throw digital marketers another major curve to contend with.

Here’s an example. Last week, just before the final Presidential debate, Friendfeed added a small feature that bloggers and fans went nuts for. The social network aggregator turned on real-time updating.

With the change, if you leave Friendfeed running in a browser window your friends comments, posts, statuses, photos and videos are automatically pushed to you without having to hit re-load. Watching my friend’s social stream during the debate was like riding the Maid of the Mist to the base of Niagara Falls.

Friendfeed isn’t alone. In August Facebook added a similar feature to its home page called the Live Feed. Hardcore Twitter addicts have long adored a number of applications that bring live micro-blogged conversations to the desktop. These include Tweetdeck and Twhirl for Windows and Twitterific for Macs. Google’s RSS reader has live updating and blog aggregators like Techmeme will surely follow suit.

As it speeds, the social web is transforming into a giant, 24/7 global chat room distributed across hundreds of sites. Unlike the chat rooms of old, these are a lot more influential. In this era there are more people engaged and everything is being indexed in Google – also in real-time.

Journalists are already adapting by embracing the live web. Many reporters are active on Friendfeed and Twitter. Last month CNN launched a new show with Rick Sanchez that features the anchor interacting with Twitter users live on the air. Sanchez has since added 10,000 followers and is now the fourteenth most followed personality on the site.

But what about brands? How will they fare in this new, faster age? That will depend on how they adapt.

Digital marketers who continue to plan campaigns months in advance and then unleash them will lose relevance. The more successful programs going forward must feature real human beings. They will need to be dynamic, adaptable and able to turn on a dime depending on where the live conversation goes. That’s no easy feat and it will require brands and agencies to rewire themselves for speed. Get ready to race.



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That’s what they said! Its all about upcoming news of mainly digital marketing and advertising from all around the world, hopefully from Turkey too…